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And, also, to love yourself." So no evil twins or stalkers? "On a day off, you're liable to find me and G anywhere that really has good food. If it's delicious, it's going to get handled. After graduating from SMU in Dallas, you then went to NYU in New York. For dating though, the lifestyle and variety of New York has people, culture, places, food, etc.—I think New York has a different type of energy, which is a little bit more appealing to me. Your Twitter bio says "Actor, Singer, Etc." What song are you currently singing in the car? "The last song I was singing in the car was Janelle Monae's ' Victory.' The theme song I know all the words to is ] "OK, so (1) sense of humor, (2) being nurturing, (3) intelligence and focus, (4) loyalty, (5) similar faith-base, meaning whatever you believe in, it's rooted in something greater than you.

One of the places that I sometimes love to go is... So, in terms of dating, in New York, you're out and among the people, whereas in another city, you don't get that quality time being outside and walking everywhere."6. I like open spaces, and not necessarily random in that space. Once you were promoted to series regular, what's the first expensive purchase you made? That was probably the first expensive purchase I got, but I was also in need of one. If your faith is strong enough and you follow through, anything is possible.

Morgan is a good cook and she loves fishing in her vacation time.

Morgan is currently living with her family in New York.

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She is widely recognized for her role as Hilary Curtis on CBS Daytime soap opera named The Young and the Restless.Just so y’all know, the beauty you’re witnessing has about almost a 30 year age gap between Debbi and the ladies, but they all damn near look like peers. As y’all can see, there’s no need for us to break down why we’re saying Debbi is making her 60’s look thirty years younger, because the proof is in the pics.

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